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vendredi 4 novembre 2016 à 12:37
Privacy issues

In November 2016, an investigation by journalists from the German TV channel NDR showed that WOT collects, records, analyzes and sells user-related data to third-parties, allowing third-parties to identify individual users, despite WOT's claims they would anonymize the data.[18][19][20] The data obtained was traceable to WOT and could be assigned to specific individuals.[21][22] The investigation was based on freely available sample data, and revealed that sensitive private information of more than 50 users could be retrieved.[19] This information included the visited web-sites, account names, mail addresses and other data potentially enabling the tracking of browser surfing activity, travel plans, illnesses, sexual preferences, drug consumption, and reconstruction of confidential company revenue data of a media house as well as details regarding ongoing police investigations.[18] WOT chose not to comment on the findings when prompted by German media with the results of the investigation prior to the publication of the report.[18][19]